A Pocket of Time

Rita Wilson

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ISBN: 9781771088091

A Pocket of Time

The Poetic Childhood of Elizabeth Bishop

  Author:   Rita Wilson  
  Artist :   Emma FitzGerald    
  Publisher:   Publishing Limited

There are, always, so many things to wonder about.

Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979) grew up to become a famous poet, but before that, she was a little girl who lived with her Gammie and Pa in Great Village, Nova Scotia. It was there that Bishop learned to walk, to read, to write, to sing hymns, and to catch bumblebees in foxglove flowers. It was there she first went to school and, when she was five, where her mother left and never returned.

Lovingly rendered, this visual and lyrical feast tells the story of Bishop’s childhood days, inspired by Bishop’s own poetry and prose and her time in Great Village, paired with eclectic collage-style artwork from illustrator Emma FitzGerald (EveryBody’s Different on EveryBody Street). A love letter to words, A Pocket of Time is a lesson for young readers in finding the poetry in everything.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771088091
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Publisher Publishing Limited
Publisher Publishing Limited
Published on November 20 2019
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Pages 40
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Rita Wilson is a writer, poet, teacher, mother, grandmother, and gardener who lives on the banks of the Caribou River in Nova Scotia. She's been published in: Saltscapes, Arc Poetry Magazine, The Cumberland Review; and received the Atlantic Poetry Prize. She first discovered Elizabeth Bishop at Bishop's grandparent's home in Great Village, and immediately imagined that house as the perfect framework to introduce Bishop and her words to children and parents.

Emma FitzGerald was born in Lesotho to Irish parents, did most of her growing up in Vancouver, and calls E’se’katik (place of clams), also known as Lunenburg, home. She wrote and illustrated Hand Drawn Halifax,Sketch by Sketch Along Nova Scotia’s South Shore,Hand Drawn Vancouver, and has illustrated the award-winning EveryBody’s Different on EveryBody Street. When she isn’t sketching, she enjoys dancing and getting lost in new places. 

Award Winners & Nominees

Ann Connor Brimer Book Award for Atlantic Canadian Children's Literature