Are You Kidding Me?! Collector’s Edition

Lesley Crewe

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ISBN: 9781771088459

Are You Kidding Me?! Collector’s Edition

Chronicles of an Ordinary Life

  Author:   Lesley Crewe    
  Publisher:  琉璃社区 Publishing Limited

For the first time, bestselling novelist, columnist, and humorist Lesley Crewe’s finest newspaper columns are collected in one place.

Not merely razor sharp, Lesley’s wit is also ocean wide, taking in everything from the humiliations of breast pumping to the indignities of aging, from the frantic excess of holiday preparations to the homey irritations of a long marriage.

As precise in her observations as Jane Austen and as fractious on occasion as Oscar the Grouch, Crewe also has a sweet, tender centre, taking us from a hearty laugh to a good cry in a single paragraph. Readers will relate to Crewe’s ache at missing her mom, her nostalgia for her childhood, her frustrations at raising teenagers, and her impatience for terrible parking lot etiquette in equal measure. The book spans sixteen years’ worth of columns for The Cape Bretoner Magazine, Cahoots Magazine, and The Chronicle Herald.

Are You Kidding Me?! is a side-splitting, heartwarming, Cape Breton鈥揻lavoured celebration of the little things.

An exclusive Collector’s Edition featuring鈥攏ot even kidding!鈥攂onus material:
A bookplate, signed by Lesley Crewe
A letter from Lesley to her fans
An essay about how Lesley’s writing career began
A Q&A between Lesley and her long-time editor
A brand-new bonus column

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771088459
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Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing Limited
Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing Limited
Published on September 24 2019
Language eng
Pages 276
Format Paperback
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Lesley Crewe is the author of several novels, including Mary, Mary, Amazing Grace, Chloe Sparrow, Kin, and Relative Happiness, which has been adapted into a feature film. Previously a columnist and freelance writer, Lesley lives in Homeville, Nova Scotia. Visit her at