Bubba Begonia, You’ll Be Sorry

Gerry O’Brien

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ISBN: 9781894838238

Bubba Begonia, You’ll Be Sorry

  Author:   Gerry O’Brien  
  Artist :   Brenda Jones    
  Publisher:  Acorn Press

Bubba Begonia is a young boy who desperately wants to make a good impression on the first day at his new school. But Bubba is nervous. Very nervous. And when he gets nervous his finger just seems to naturally head to his nose. “Bubba! Don’t be messin’ with your nose,” admonishes his mother. “Your finger’ll get stuck and then you’ll be sorry!”

But Deerwatson Elementary isn’t your ordinary school. And Bubba’s classmates aren’t your ordinary students. In meeting the zaniest bunch of kids ever assembled, Bubba makes a memorable first impression when his mother’s words of warning come true.

In his first chapter book (ages 8 and up), Gerry O’Brien creates an hilarious story of a young boy who overcomes an embarrassing personal habit with the help of his equally embarrassing little sister.

Details and Specs
ISBN associated with this title: 9781894838238
Item AC0006
PublisherAcorn Press
PublisherAcorn Press
Published on October 15 2006
Language eng
Pages 80
Format Paperback
Dimensions5(in) x 7.75(in)
Shipping weight95(g)
Gerry O'Brien writes humorous chapter books, picture books, and lyrics for 7- to 12-year-olds. His lyrics have been sung by Corduroy Bear, Franklin the Turtle, and The Care Bears. His stories, poems, and plays have won numerous writing awards. This is his fifth book in the Bubba Begonia series. A retired school teacher, he lives in Cambridge, Ontario with his wife Loretto. You can visit Gerry O'Brien's personal website at www.gerryobrien.ca.

Brenda Jones grew up in Prince Edward Island and now works as an artist at a Montreal animation studio. She has illustrated many books, including Buddy the Bluenose Reindeer, My Mother is Weird and Hockey Night Tonight.