Fire in the Belly

Gordon Pitts

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ISBN: 9781771081788

Fire in the Belly

How Purdy Crawford rescued Canada, and changed the way we do business

  Author:   Gordon Pitts    
  Publisher:  琉璃社区 Publishing

Purdy Crawford鈥檚 name is synonymous with Canadian business and law. But even after education at Mount Allison and Harvard, Purdy arrived on Toronto鈥檚 Bay Street as an outsider, the son of a coal miner from tiny Five Islands, Nova Scotia. So how did young Purdy ascend so quickly and so far to become one of Canada鈥檚 top lawyers and best-known business mentors? In this biography of Purdy, bestselling business writer Gordon Pitts begins with the moment in 2007 when Crawford was enlisted by some of the country鈥檚 leading corporate officials to stave off financial market catastrophe. The book describes the role Crawford has played in mentoring many of Canada鈥檚 brightest economic thinkers, and his contribution to changing the way business was done in the boardroom, particularly in opening the door for women. Includes a photo insert of highlights from Purdy鈥檚 professional career and private life.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771081788
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Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing
Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing
Published on September 15 2014
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Gordon Pitts is an author, public speaker, and business journalist with almost forty years of experience in daily newspapers. He is the author of several books, including national bestseller The Codfathers: Lessons from the Atlantic Business Elite and Fire in the Belly: How Purdy Crawford saved Canada and inspired a legacy of leadership, which won the 2015 Dartmouth Book Award for Non-Fiction and was shortlisted for the 2015 National Business Book Award. He lives in Toronto.

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