Grumbling Hive Revisited

Bernard Mandeville

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ISBN: 9781933480121

Grumbling Hive Revisited

Private Greed, Public Need

  Author:   Bernard Mandeville    
  Publisher:  Bunim & Bannigan

In the original Grumbling Hive, dishonesty and vice created employment and wealth, inspiring Adam Smith, whose idealization of聽 markets is a template for today鈥檚 unbridled capitalism. In Mandeville Sr.鈥檚聽 fable, a turn to honesty by his bees ( miniature Europeans) ruins the economy. In Mandeville Jr.鈥檚聽 fable, bees as they are, a 聽community based on mutual support and selfless care, are ruined by the adoption of 聽unbridled capitalism.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781933480121
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PublisherBunim & Bannigan
PublisherBunim & Bannigan
Published on August 5 2015
Language eng
Pages 64
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