Halifax Regional Municipality (new)

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Halifax Regional Municipality (new)

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In 1880, the final Boundary lines of Halifax County were drawn –from Ecum Secum west to Hubbards, and Dutch Settlement south to the seacoast, including the provincial capital of Halifax. More Than a century later these boundaries still exist, but rather than a county, the more than two hundred communities in the area now constitute a municipality: Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). In 1996, a massive amalgamation created this Nova Scotia “super-city” -5,250 square kilometer of fishing villages, urban centres, beaches, forests and farms. Brought together in the name of efficiency and the maximization of resources, these vibrant and varied communities retain their individual charm, making HRM both a wonderfully diverse place to live and a popular place to visit. People come from near and far year-round to experience HRM’s unique blend of hospitality, tradition, and modern know-how. As the original sites of settlement and most populous areas, Halifax and Dartmouth figure prominently in the regions history, but long before county lines were drawn this was the lad of the Mi’Kmaq. Here they camped along the shores of the harbour, hunted the inland woods and paddled the waterways.

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Donna Barnett is a photographer and writer specializing in outdoor and natural subjects. She has worked throughout Canada, particularly in the Maritimes and the Arctic. Her work appears frequently in magazines and books; her most recent books include Halifax Regional Municipality and River of Dreams. At present, Donna lives in Van Kleek Hill, Ontario, but maintains a home in Nova Scotia.