Maritime UFO Files

Don Ledger

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ISBN: 9781551092690

Maritime UFO Files

  Author:   Don Ledger    
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Though UFOs have recently “landed” a significant place in pop culture, they have made their presence known in the Maritimes for decades. In fact, one of the earliest known sightings of a UFO was reported to Judge Simeon Perkins in Nova Scotia in 1796.Beginning with the 1950s, Maritime UFO Files Chronicles, decade-by-decade, dramatic and unusual sightings of a variety of mysterious, multi-shaped UFOs witnessed by pilots, ordinary citizens, and even RCMP officers. These first-hand accounts, based on actually military documents and RCMP reports, range from the observation of unexplainable lights in the sky, to claims of abduction. This book also devotes a chapter to the famous Shag Harbour Incident of 1967 –an event that remains one of the most documented accounts of a UFO crash in modern history.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781551092690
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Publisher Publishing
Published on May 15 2007
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Don Ledger is a private pilot and aircraft owner with 20 years experience and over one thousand hours of fling time. A former Zone Commander for the Halifax District’s Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, Ledger is also past president and current editor for the Stanley Sport Aviation Association. He is a member of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and the US Experimental Aircraft Association. A coordinator at Legislative Television, Ledger spends his spare time flying and writing. Swissair Down is his third book.