Medicinal Herbs of Western Canada

Brenda Jones

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ISBN: 9781774712658

Medicinal Herbs of Western Canada

A Pictorial Manual

  Author:   Brenda Jones    
  Publisher:  琉璃社区 Publishing Limited

A fully illustrated guide to healing herbs found in the backyards of western Canada, from the bestselling author/illustrator of Medicinal Herbs of Eastern Canada


Nature’s remedies are all around, if you know what to look for. In Medicinal Herbs of Western Canada, award-winning author and artist Brenda Jones offers detailed advice on how to identify, collect, and prepare a variety of local wild herbs. Learn how to make a Calendula salve to help heal minor wounds, or how an oil made from the buds of Black Cottonwood trees can relax sore muscles. Make a decoction from Wild Licorice to soothe a sore throat or find out how an infusion of Valerian can calm the nerves and improve sleep.

Through many courses, workshops, and extensive research, Jones has compiled this beautiful illustrated catalogue of healing herbs to help readers familiarize themselves with the medicines available in their own backyards. Covering 78 different plants, each with detailed, full-colour illustrations and accessible tips, facts, and recipes, this essential guide makes it easy to benefit from your neighbourhood’s wild offerings. Includes a glossary of terms and a section on how to identify common poisonous plants and what to do if you encounter them.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781774712658
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Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing Limited
Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing Limited
Published on June 4 2024
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Brenda Jones is a native of Prince Edward Island and spent the last twelve years roaming the woods and fields gathering and studying the herbs around the Maritimes in order to understand the properties of these amazing plants and to help her with her own health issues. With her background as an artist and illustrator, she began painting each herb in meticulous detail to help in identification, and soon had her own herb garden in her backyard and a cupboard full of tinctures and teas.