Mi’kmaw Grammar of Father Pacifique

Bernie Francis, John Hewson,

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ISBN: 9781771085656

Mi’kmaw Grammar of Father Pacifique

  Author:   Bernie Francis, John Hewson,  
  Publisher:  琉璃社区 Publishing

First published (1939), as Le莽ons grammaticales th茅oriques et pratiques de la langue micmaque of Rev. Father Pacifique Buisson, The Mi’kmaw Grammar of Father Pacifique is a vast and important collection of information on the Mi’kmaw language. It represents a tradition of Mi’kmaw grammatical studies by missionary priests that spans more than 200 years, from the days of abb茅 Pierre Maillard (ca. 1710-1762), to Father Pacifique, who, although he intended his grammar to be a guide to other priests who wanted to learn Mi’kmaw, seems to have been the last priest to speak the language fluently.

The purpose of updating the orthography is, of course, to give the reader who does not know the language exact information on the pronunciation of each Mi’kmaw word. This was not an important goal for Pacifique, since he recommends, in the original, that the pronunciation should be obtained from a native speaker. Now that the language has been lost from many communities so that native speakers are not as available as they once were, it has become crucially important to use the new, exact, orthography, so that the written word can be used to convey as much information as possible on the accepted pronunciations.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771085656
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Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing
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Bernie Francis, DLitt, grew up on the Maupeltu (Membertou) First Nation community in Cape Breton, NS. From 1970-1974, he worked as the Director of the Court Worker Program for the federal court system, a program that ensures fair and proper treatment for Mi’kmaw people including access to a translator. After leaving the court system, Bernie began his training in linguistics with linguist Doug Smith from the University of Toronto. Bernie completed that training in 1980, having developed a new orthography of the Mi’kmaw language with Professor Smith. The Smith/Francis orthography is now officially recognized by the Mi’kmaw chiefs in Nova Scotia, as well as by the Canada-Nova Scotia-Mi’kmaq Tripartite Forum. Dr. Francis received an honorary doctorate from Dalhousie University in October, 1999. He continues to work on many projects including the Pjila’si Mi’kma’ki: Mi’kmaw Place Names Digital Atlas and Website Project.

John Hewson, Professor Emeritus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, is a scholar of national and international reputation in several branches of linguistics, complemented by more than 14 books, 140-plus published papers and reviews, and nearly 100 papers to learned societies.