Miramichi Dictionary

Doug Underhill

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ISBN: 9781771083843

Miramichi Dictionary

  Author:   Doug Underhill    
  Editor :   Herb Curtis  
  Publisher:  琉璃社区 Publishing

A one-of-a-kind interpretive guide to the distinct dialect spoken in New Brunswick’s Miramichi region. Startin’ off with the “Ah, geez” of the letter A, “zacktly” all the way to the letter Z.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771083843
Item NB1241
Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing
Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing
Published on November 23 2015
Language eng
Pages 56
Format Paperback
Dimensions6(in) x 4.63(in)
Shipping weight61(g)
A retired English Department-head and a sports/outdoors journalist, Doug Underhill writes a weekly online fishing column. He's been inducted into the Atlantic Salmon Hall of Fame and Miramichi Sports Wall of Fame. He appeared on a stage/radio performance of CBC's Arthur Black and in a documentary film Great Canadian Rivers. He lives writes in Miramichi, New Brunswick. His book Salmon Country was short-listed for the Best Atlantic Published Book Award in 2012.

Herb Curtis, the editor, is another Miramichier with numerous books to his credit. He has written much about the Miramichi's folklore and way of life.