The Prince Edward Island Cookbook

Joanie Sutton

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ISBN: 9781774711910

The Prince Edward Island Cookbook

(updated and revised ed)

  Author:   Joanie Sutton    
  Publisher:   Publishing Limited

A revised and updated edition of a classic—featuring new recipes and photographs.

On Prince Edward Island — the garden of the gulf — the land is rich and fertile, the climate favourable for growing a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, and herbs, and the surrounding ocean a wonderful source of fresh seafood.

This bounty is used to create enticing and satisfying dishes, from classics like Pesto and Risotto to unique plates like North Shore Bouillabaisse, Mussels Steamed with Fennel, and Puffed Pancakes — all of which are emblematic of Island cuisine.In this charming cookbook, gardener, photographer, and acclaimed author Joan Sutton creates a loving celebration of PEI’s special beauty and eclectic food landscape. Featuring new recipes and photographs, this updated edition will be a welcome guide in every kitchen.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781774711910
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Publisher Publishing Limited
Published on June 8 2023
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Born in Detroit, Michigan, Joanie Sutton happily landed on PEI in 1970 via Chicago where she met and married Jerry. Their dream was to go "back to the land" and they chose PEI, the land of Anne! Fifty years later they're still here, growing their own food, living the country life. In that time, Joanie has written three cookbooks focusing on their homegrown and local food. She loves Prince Edward Island: the people, the natural beauty that she seeks to capture in her photography. And of course, Joanie and Jerry still grow their food and Joanie still cooks a lot!