The Terrible, Horrible, Smelly Beach

Jacqueline Halsey, Carrie Muller,

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ISBN: 9781774710982

The Terrible, Horrible, Smelly Beach

  Author:   Jacqueline Halsey, Carrie Muller,
  Artist :   Paul G. Hammond    
  Publisher:   Publishing Limited

The long-awaited followup to the bestselling, gut-busting picture book The Terrible Horrible Smelly Pirate — this time with an environmental message!

“Peeee – Yew!”Mermaid had a problem. A terrible, horrible, smelly, problem.

The Terrible Horrible Smelly Pirate is back! And after discovering a secret treasure in Halifax Harbour, he’s not so smelly anymore — but Mermaid’s island is. The poor misty island is covered in people’s garbage! There are popped balloons, cups and buoys. Lobster pots, flip-flops and toys. Tires and straws, wrappers and strings, and lots and lots of plastic things…all tangled up in stinky dead seaweed. What’s she to do?

Just when it seems all is lost, she spots a rickety rackety pirate ship through the salt spray — and a not-so-terrible, horrible, smelly pirate and his crew! What if she could trick them into cleaning up her Terrible Horrible Smelly Beach?…

From the duo behind the bestselling The Terrible Horrible Smelly Pirate comes a quirky-fun follow up, with fresh and vibrant illustrations by artist Paul G. Hammond, and an environmental message that will inspire many a beach cleanup!

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781774710982
Item NB1570
Publisher Publishing Limited
Publisher Publishing Limited
Published on June 22 2022
Language eng
Pages 32
Format Paperback
Dimensions9(in) x 9(in)
Shipping weight116(g)
Jacqueline Halsey lives with her husband, Ray, and rescue cat, Piper, in a ninety-year-old house overlooking Halifax Harbour. After a long, fun career in the children's department of Halifax Public Libraries, she now spends her time renovating the old house, writing, hiking, and enjoying the local beaches. In the summer she is an interpretive guide on historic McNabs Island and takes part in the annual beach clean-ups.

Carrie Muller grew up in Cape Breton and now lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where she is employed at Halifax Regional Libraries as a library assistant. Carrie has been bringing her love of literature to children through stories, puppet shows, and general zaniness for many years.

Paul G. Hammond is a Canadian artist and illustrator in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He likes bold, flat colours, and loose, wonky lines. He thinks mistakes are nice, and likes to leave them in when he's allowed.