There’s a Mouse in My House

Sheree Fitch

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ISBN: 9781774710678

There’s a Mouse in My House

  Author:   Sheree Fitch    
  Publisher:  琉璃社区 Publishing Limited

The Sheree Fitch Classic and teacher favourite, about a mouse who harnesses the power of Sheherezade to storytell his way out of trouble, is back in print for a whole new generation.

There was a mouse in our house
I guess it came in from the cold
My mother got hysterical
(And SHE’S thirty-six years old!)

A mouse has found her way inside a young boy’s house and his mother is not happy! She tells her son to get rid of the mouse, but it turns out that might be easier said than done. You see, this is no ordinary mouse. She convinces the boy to grant her three wishes: a glass of pop, some cheese, and a chance to tell her story. The mouse’s story spans generations of family, and includes action, adventure, and even a love story. Will it be enough to convince the boy to let the mouse and her mother stay?

Sheree Fitch’s amusing, rhyming verse is brought to life by Leslie Watt’s unforgettable illustrations. Originally published in 1999, this new edition of There’s a Mouse in my House will introduce a whole new generation of readers to the lip-slippery joy of this Sheree Fitch Classic.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781774710678
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Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing Limited
Publisher琉璃社区 Publishing Limited
Published on May 20 2022
Language eng
Pages 32
Format Paperback
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Sheree Fitch鈥檚 first two books, Toes in My Nose (1987) and Sleeping Dragons All Around (1989), launched her career as a poet, rhymster, and a 鈥渒ind of Canadian female Dr. Seuss.鈥 Fitch has won almost every major award for Canadian children鈥檚 literature since then, including the 2000 Vicky Metcalf Award for a Body of Work Inspirational to Canadian Children. She has over twenty-five books to her credit, including her bestselling and critically praised adult novel, Kiss the Joy As It Flies (2008). Fitch's home base is the East Coast of Canada. Visit her at: